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Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:California, United States of America

Interests (111):

a time to kill, al green, almost anything besides the ganster rap, and bad country, and the black eyed peas, and weird al yankovic. all the rest....meh, anything by terry pratchett, aretha franklin, around the horn, b.b. king, back to the future i ii & iii, bad classical, basketball, battlestar galactica, blazing saddles, bob marley, boondock saints, bowfinger, boyz ii men, buddy holly, burn notice, chappelle's show, chuck berry and tom petty, cold play, curb your enthusiasm, dave matthew's band, die hard i-iv, dr. strangelove, ds9, dude where's my car?, eight men out, eric clapton, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, everclear, family guy, flight of the be continued, futurama, galaxy quest, get smart, golf, good morning vietnam, green day. barenaked ladies, guns 'n' roses, high fidelity, ie the temptations, inactivity, incubus, indiana jones i ii & iii, john mayer, linkin park, lock stock and two smoking barrels, los lonely boys, lost in translation, m*a*s*h*, marvin gaye, michael jackson e.g. thriller, monk, monty python and the holy grail, movies: the shawshank redemption, my cousin vinny, nirvana, no doubt, office space, oldies, otis redding, outkast, poker, psych, pti, ray, ray charles, rescue me, rounders, rugby, santana (both old and new), shakespeare in love, smokey robinson and the miracles, space balls, star trek tng, star wars eps. iv v & vi tv: firefly, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stevie ray vaughan & double trouble, stevie wonder, sublime, tenacious d, the alvin maker series by card, the angels, the beach boys, the beatles (of course), the clash, the ender's game and ender's shadow series by card, the fifth element, the harry potter series esp. #4&5, the lakers, the lord of the rings trilogy+the hobbit, the myth series by asprin, the phule's company series by asprin, the princess bride, the simpsons, the untouchables, the vines, then there's the kinks, train, tv, ucla sports, unbreakable, voyager, weezer, who's line is it anyway
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